Seamlessly Add Metadata To Audio

Efficient audio annotation for machiner-readable recordings and NLP system training.

What Is Audio Annotation?

Audio annotation is the process of adding metadata to an audio recording file to describe its content and make it machine-readable, in order to train natural language processing systems. The metadata can contain details such as the date and time of recording, who recorded it, a description of its contents, and other relevant information.

In the past, audio annotation was done manually. Fortunately, nowadays data scientists can use machine learning and natural language processing to automate the process.

TeamAI’s Audio Annotation Services

Speech To Text Transcription

Take recorded speech and have them transcribed into text while keeping in mind labeling, annunciation, pronunciation, and punctuation.

Audio Classification

Analyze and differentiate particular features in audio recordings such as background noises, language, or the number of people talking. This is primarily useful for projects who need to develop virtual assistants, automatic recognition, and text-to-speech systems.

Sound Labeling

Categorize and label specific sounds within audio recordings for machine learning applications to discern certain keywords or entities such as names, telephone numbers, or musical instruments.

Sentiment Topic Analysis & Annotation

More accurately analyze and evaluate other parameters not found in text-based sentiment analysis such as the volume, tone, and cadence within speech.

Intent Analysis

Determine the intent of an audio recording using AI-based technologies. This can be useful for providing a better understanding of the user’s needs, intentions, or interests.

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