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What Is Video Annotation?

Video annotation involves tagging (or labeling) video clips, which are then used for training AI and machine learning models to detect or identify objects. Video annotations aren’t just for recognition but also identification on a frame-by-frame basis—so that you have labels for every instance where an object appears in your videos.

Machine learning applications for video annotation include self-driving cars, medical AI, and geospatial technology.

TeamAI’s Video Annotation Services

Bounding Box Annotation

Get expert annotators to draw rectangles or polygons around objects of interest within images. This is particularly useful for tasks such as object detection, localization, and tracking.

Semantic Segmentation

Label each pixel in an image by enabling accurate classification and segmentation of objects or regions by computer vision experts. Afterward, the data can be organized into multiple formats for various AI models for a wide variety of uses.

Landmark Annotation

Identify specific points or landmarks on objects within images. This service is primarily useful for facial recognition, pose estimation, and key point detection applications.

Polygon Annotation

TeamAI experts can create precise polygon annotations around irregularly shaped objects in images to allow AI models to recognize and respond to the objects.

Line Annotation

Our experts draw lines on images or chart areas to identify certain thresholds to operate in. This annotation method primarily supports tasks such as road detection, lane marking, and shape recognition.

Image Classification

TeamAI experts assign one or more predefined labels to entire images depending on specific parameters. These classifications can turn image data into actionable insights for AI models.

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